5 Reasons Seniors Don’t Eat a Healthy Diet

May 14th, 2019 by John Wilson

Eating healthy is an important aspect of life at any age. However, seniors should pay even closer attention to how they eat to better protect their health and keep existing medical conditions from worsening, especially with things like diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, there are many reasons individuals don’t eat as well as they should, even when in assisted living in Oklahoma City.

Changing Taste Buds

Starting around the age of 40, individuals begin to lose taste buds, which means how things taste to you are likely to change or dull. This means the foods you once loved may no longer be as appealing as they once were. This can lead to seniors sticking with a limited number of foods they find still taste good, which can lead to various nutritional delinquencies. Seniors are also less likely to experiment with herbs and spices. Affordable assisted living for seniors often takes this into consideration when preparing meals.

Oral Health Problems

Many seniors have dentures or may be missing several teeth, making it difficult to eat certain foods. Other dental issues can make chewing hard or crunchy foods impossible. This can severely limit the types of foods seniors enjoy, negatively impacting their overall diet and nutrient intake.

Seniors eat healthier in assisted living.

Assisted living makes eating healthy easier.


Loneliness and an increasing number of medical problems can lead to depression in seniors. This condition can strongly affect appetite, no matter the age of the afflicted person. While some people may overeat, which isn’t healthy, others may not eat as much as they should. Both problems can cause issues with an elderly individual’s overall health and well-being.

Mobility Issues

Trips to the grocery store can quickly become fewer and far between as seniors begin to have difficulty driving. They may not know anyone who can drive them around on a regular basis or may be too embarrassed to ask for help. Fewer grocery store trips mean less food in the home, restricting the number of healthy meals your senior loved one can prepare for themselves.


The cost of assisted living in Oklahoma City is one of the biggest concerns for aging loved ones. However, when you consider their limited income, the thought of stocking a home with enough food to maintain a healthy diet can be overwhelming. In many cases, assisted living homes include a meal plan, which guarantees healthy meals for your loved one, all included in the price.

If you’re looking for affordable assisted living for seniors, contact us. We make sure our residents have access to the healthy meals they deserve and need.

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