5 Reasons for Moving to Independent Living Before Assisted Living

July 2nd, 2019 by John Wilson

Many people think the only step the elderly can take when they can no longer safely live on their own is to assisted living in Oklahoma City. Fortunately, there are often other alternatives that can provide some support without infringing on your aging loved one’s independence. Independent living in OKC can be a great intermediary step, providing the assistance required, while maintaining the feel of living on their own. The following are some of the reasons you should consider this step.

Home Maintenance Help

Even if you’re still fully capable of taking care of the housekeeping tasks within your home, keeping up with what needs to be done to maintain your home’s exterior can be quite different. While you can always hire someone to do this work for you, this can quickly become costly. In many cases, it’s best to invest in independent living in OKC when you don’t need the full services offered by assisted living in Oklahoma City. With independent living arrangements, you can take care of your home’s interior, while someone else handles the exterior.


As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get around. We’re not just talking about your ability to walk. Even if you can still physically get around on your own, you may find driving is a bit of a challenge. Rather than relying on family and friends to take you where you need to go, many senior independent living apartments offer regular transportation options so you can take care of errands without relying on anyone else.

There are many benefits to senior independent living.

Senior independent living can provide many benefits.

More Dining Options

You are more than welcome to continue preparing your own meals while in most senior living environments, but the good news is you don’t have to. You can remove the burden of meal planning and grocery shopping and turn to onsite dining options instead. While these are more prominent in assisted living in Oklahoma City, independent living facilities also often offer at least one dining option for their residents. In fact, many living facilities offer several dining alternatives.

Don’t Lose Your Connections

It’s not uncommon for individuals to drift apart as they age, not necessarily because they no longer get along, but often due to transportation issues and other factors. Those who continue to age in place often find themselves suffering from loneliness. Even if you aren’t quite ready for the move to full assisted living, independent living communities designed for seniors can make socialization much more convenient, thanks to the wide range of activities these communities offer.

An Easier Transition

One of the biggest complaints seniors have about going into assisted living is the fear of losing their independence.  The good news is these facilities are designed to promote whatever amount of independence is safe for their residents. However, if you’re still unsure about making this move, independent living is a great in between step to help ease the transition and give you peace of mind regarding the level of independence you can maintain.

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