5 Myths Debunked About Seniors and Longevity

June 20th, 2017 by John Wilson

There is a lot of misinformation that circulates when it comes to seniors and what affects their longevity. Over the years, studies have been conducted that reveal the truth behind many of the myths most people easily believe as truth. However, when you learn more about them, you will feel more confident in the quality of life as you move toward assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma.

Positive Thinking Helps

You’ve heard people say you should think positively and it will have a positive impact on your life, but what about your longevity? Despite what many have stated, the concept of longer lifespans for positive people is flawed. They simply showed those who were positive were less likely to complain of poor health. They still suffer from health problems just as much as people of more negative dispositions.

Worrying Is Bad for You

While no one wants to spend a significant amount of time worrying, it isn’t proven to shorten your lifespan. In fact, they have found people who worry more are more likely to take better care of themselves to prevent medical issues later in life, reducing the amount of senior care they require.

Live longer with assisted living services.

Assisted living services can help you find ways to live longer.

Working Too Much Is Bad

Workaholics have a reputation of living shorter lives because of the amount of work they do. Fortunately, this is just another myth regarding your longevity. This perception is due to the amount of stress these individuals may be under. The reality of the situation is there is no evidence that shows those who work more have a higher risk of heart disease or any other issue that can shorten their lifespan significantly, simply because they work longer hours.

Pets Prolong Your Life

It has been proven a pet can help an individual with a number of problems, including mental health issues. This doesn’t necessarily equate to living a longer life. Having a pet can certainly lead to a happier life, but there is no evidence that having a furry companion will help you live a longer life.

Vigorous Exercise Is Better Than Passive Hobbies

Everyone should find a hobby they enjoy to pass the time. While exercise is good for everyone, you don’t have to ditch the more sedentary hobbies to prolong your life. In fact, some of these passive activities can be beneficial for your brain, which is important to keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of certain age-related ailments.

Oklahoma assisted living services take great pride in helping their residents live longer, more productive lives. Unfortunately, there are many myths that circulate regarding ways to increase your lifespan. Believing in these rumors can lead to disappointment down the line, making it important to understand the truth behind them.

If you’re looking for assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma, contact us. We can help you understand how we make living the senior years more enjoyable.

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