5 Medical Conditions That Can Mimic Both Alzheimer’s or Dementia

October 30th, 2018 by John Wilson

While some memory loss is normal as people age, sometimes it can be a sign of a more serious condition like Alzheimer’s or dementia. At the same time, just because your loved one is experiencing excessive memory loss and other common signs of these conditions doesn’t mean they are suffering from one of them. In fact, there are other other medical conditions that can actually mimic these diseases.

Vision and Hearing Problems

Hearing and vision issues are another common problem individuals can develop as they age, and these issues can actually cause loved ones to worry their loved one may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Seniors who have trouble seeing and hearing what’s going on around them are more likely to become isolated. They are also more susceptible to developing mental impairments. The good news is if you recognize these issues in your aging loved one, they can typically be fixed relatively easily.


Seniors, even those who are in the best assisted living facilities in OKC, are more susceptible to dehydration because they don’t exhibit the same warning signs of this problem as younger people do. In addition, some of the common medications they take can contribute to the problem. Some symptoms of this condition include memory loss and confusion, which are also commonly reported in those who have developed Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Hydration is made easier at the best assisted living facilities.

The best assisted living facilities encourage hydration.


The body’s ability to heal and recover also slows as people age. This is why assisted living services work hard to ensure their residents get the fast, reliable health care they require, especially when they fall ill or are injured. When infection sets in, it can be a serious cause for concern. Seniors who may have an undetected infection may develop symptoms like confusion, disorientation and memory loss. This should be one of the first things your loved one’s doctor rules out before moving on to a more serious diagnosis.

Head Trauma

Because seniors are already more likely to suffer a fall, head trauma could be another cause of some of the warning signs that could indicate dementia or Alzheimer’s. When the brain is injured, your loved one may seem disoriented or confused and will forget things more easily. Asking the right questions and determining whether your loved one has fallen can help you resolve this issue more quickly and get them the proper medical care so they can heal.


Loneliness is also common among seniors. They may have lost many of their family members and close friends due to death or even moving away to different senior care services. When the elderly experience loneliness, they are more likely to fall into bouts of depression. Depressed individuals often forget their appointments, don’t pay their bills, skip out on important events, become confused about what day it is and other symptoms many people associate with more serious memory diseases.

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