5 Health Benefits of Assisted Living

June 15th, 2020 by John Wilson

Assisted living is designed to provide quality elder care in Oklahoma City, all while allowing seniors to maintain a sense of independence. Residents get access to the care they require but can also go about their daily lives the way they see fit. There are many advantages to residing in assisted living, including a number of health benefits that can help seniors enjoy a better quality of life in their later years.

Nutritious Meal Plan

One of the biggest challenges seniors have in their later years is eating well. Not only are they on a strict budget and may not be able to afford all the food they need, but they may not be able to easily prepare nutritious meals. Elderly care services often include nutritious meal plans that ensure senior residents get everything they require to stay healthy.


Loneliness is one of the biggest contributors to health problems as seniors age. It may seem unlikely that feeling lonely can actually cause medical concerns, but studies have shown this to be true. Because seniors are often homebound as they get older, they may not be able to socialize as much as they need to stay healthy and active. Assisted living options in OKC offer the companionship individuals are looking for without having to go far from home.

Reduce Stress

Learn about the health benefits of elder care.
Elder care can have many health benefits.

Aging in place can be stressful for a number of reasons. Keeping up with regular house repairs and maintenance and figuring out how to complete errands can be a source of stress for seniors, especially those with mobility issues. Stress can do a lot of damage to the body, particularly the immune system. Making the move to assisted living can help alleviate all of the stress and ensure seniors get the assistance they need to live full, healthy lives.

Safety Features

Those who choose to age in place face a number of hazards around the home, such as slips and falls in the bathroom, tripping over rugs or power cords and more. While seniors can get their homes renovated to accommodate their changing needs, this can be expensive and stressful. Assisted living options in OKC already have these features implemented so there’s no need to worry about whether your senior loved one is safe in their living environment.

Wellness Opportunities

Seniors who reside in elder care in Oklahoma City have easy access to the medical care they need to manage any health conditions they currently have and help prevent other issues. In addition to this, the activities offered at assisted living facilities are often geared toward helping seniors stay active and healthy. They also often have health programs designed to encourage healthy habits.

If you’re looking for elderly care services for your aging loved one, contact us. We can show you all of the ways we help keep our senior residents happy and healthy.

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