5 GPS Tracking Devices That Keep Seniors Safe

September 7th, 2017 by John Wilson

As you get older, it’s normal to begin forgetting things, even if you don’t suffer from dementia or another ailment that causes excessive forgetfulness. One of the best ways to help ensure your loved one is safe, even when living at an assisted living center in OKC, is to consider using a GPS tracking device. Using one of these devices can help you feel confident your loved one can always be found if they do happen to wander off.


Some GPS systems will only work outdoors because of the technology used for tracking. This can make it difficult if your loved one has become lost while spending time indoors or has wandered inside somewhere else. The iTraq device determines the individual’s location based on a triangulation between wi-fi points indoors or through cellular towers or GPS signals when outdoors. This device is small and allows you to set a parameter that signals an alarm if the individual wanders beyond that point.

GPS SmartSole

For many seniors, carrying around a GPS device can feel intrusive. It can also be difficult to remember to take it with you. However, with the GPS SmartSole, you can eliminate both of these problems. The device fits securely into the sole of any shoe, allowing you to safely locate your loved one, wherever they may wander.

Wandering residents can be found in an assisted living center.

An assisted living center can help with tracking wandering residents.


PocketFinder has created a number of small, waterproof devices that are ideal for tracking senior loved ones, whether they reside in assisted living options in Oklahoma City or they are aging in place. These devices provide more than simple GPS tracking. Caregivers will also receive an actual address, altitude and speed at which the device is moving for easier tracking. These updates are available upon request or via text or smartphone notifications.

MedicAlert Safely Home

You’re likely familiar with these small metal bracelets that have long been used to provide valuable information regarding an individual’s health in an emergency. These bracelets have now been adapted to alert families when an at-risk senior wanders away. This provides an extra layer of protection to a device that has long provided assistance to those who have difficulty speaking for themselves, especially in an emergency.

Project Lifesaver

Many people wear a watch, making it a more natural way to track your senior loved one. With the Project Lifesaver watch device, individuals simply wear the device and loved ones and caregivers are notified of the location if the person goes missing.

It can be a frightening experience when anyone goes missing, especially a young child or a senior who may have serious health issues. To help prevent the panic, implementing a GPS device for those in senior care services can be beneficial, assisting in the search and giving everyone peace of mind.

If you have a loved one who may require this type of tracking, contact us. We can give you peace of mind they will be cared for properly to help prevent incidents.

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