5 Benefits of Seniors Spending Time Outdoors

September 26th, 2017 by John Wilson

Seniors often spend a lot of their time indoors because they aren’t as mobile as they once were. However, there can be many benefits to taking the time to participate in outdoor activities. When you choose affordable assisted living for seniors, you can trust they will provide plenty of outdoor activities to help keep your loved one outside and active. The elderly will enjoy the following benefits as a result.

Increased Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for individuals of all ages, but especially so for the elderly. Taking a vitamin D supplement can be helpful. However, it’s best to get it naturally when you can because your body absorbs less of the supplement. The rays of the sun cause your body to create its own vitamin D, giving you the best source of this nutrient so you can absorb more calcium and keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Gain More Energy

When you constantly spend your time sitting, your energy levels are likely to decrease. To help you naturally boost your energy, spending time outdoors in the sun can be a great choice. Not only will you stay active, building your muscle, but you will also feel better and increase your energy. This will help you be more active so you can gain even more energy, creating a positive cycle.

Seniors are encouraged to spend time outside in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities encourage seniors to stay outside.

A Better Mood

How do you really feel after you spend a day inside sitting on the couch watching television? If you’re like most people, you may not feel sad, but you may feel more neutral. While this is a common activity in assisted living communities in OKC, spending time outdoors should be priority. You will find you feel  happier overall and are more motivated in your daily activities.

Sleep Better

Even though being outside will improve your energy levels in general, you may also find you feel sleepier when it comes to bedtime. This is a good way to ensure you get more sleep and sleep better as a result. In addition to the fresh air helping you rest better, being in the sun will reset your internal clock so you get tired at the appropriate time of the day.

Improved Immunity

It’s common for the elderly to become sick more often because of weakened immune systems. This can be simply due to old age or it can be due to other ailments. Regardless of the cause, you can give your immune system a much needed boost by spending more time doing activities outside. Whether you go for a walk or sit on a bench outside for an hour or two, you will find you become sick less often.

It can be difficult to spend time outdoors as you get older and find your mobility is suffering. Whether you are in assisted living care in Oklahoma City or you are aging in place, you can enjoy a vast number of benefits just by going outside on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend time outdoors, contact us. Our affordable assisted living for seniors encourages residents to get outside.

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