5 Assisted Living Strategies for Couples

June 27th, 2019 by John Wilson

Many people think of making the move to senior living communities in Oklahoma City once their spouse passes away and they are living alone. However, this isn’t always the case. Some couples make the move to senior assisted living together so they can live a better life without all of the responsibilities associated with owning a home. The following five strategies will ensure you make the right choice and can enjoy the many advantages of assisted living with the one you love the most.

Set a Financial Plan

Paying for senior living in OKC is one of the biggest concerns. When it comes to moving into these facilities as a couple, the costs will be higher because there are two of you. However, because you will share a living space, the cost won’t exactly double. It’s still important to understand how much this type of care will cost and to plan accordingly. The good news is there are many ways to finance this type of living arrangement for couples.

Find the Right Care

One of the biggest challenges of choosing assisted living for senior couples is making sure both their needs are met. It’s easy enough to consider what one person may need, but when each individual has their own unique needs, it can be even more complicated. Ask whether about the types of care the facility can accommodate so you can be sure you are choosing one that will meet the needs of your loved ones, both now and in the future.

Couples can enjoy their life in senior assisted living.

Senior assisted living can often accommodate couples.

Two Personal Preferences

Unfortunately, it’s not just about finding the right care required by each individual; it’s also about taking into account personal preferences. Even when two individuals are married, it doesn’t mean they are the same person and want things the same way. This can add another layer of complexity to choosing the right senior assisted living facility for a couple. Be sure to check out the amenities so you know both people will find activities they enjoy taking part in, even if they do so individually.

Check Facilities Together

It’s important for both individuals to feel comfortable when they move into senior living in OKC. Therefore, both parties should be part of the decision making process. This means taking them with you when you tour the facilities so they can give their input on how they feel about these living arrangements. Their input is invaluable in making sure both partners are happy with the end result.

Prepare for the Change

Even though couples have their own private living space when they move to assisted living, it is still different from living in their previous home. It’s essential for couples to be fully prepared for this move. Not only will the apartment be smaller than the home they now live in, but there is also a community element to this move. It’s critical for couples to be ready to share at least some of their daily lives with other elderly individuals and couples. One advantage of this is it can open up a new world of social opportunities to make new friends and blossom, even in their senior years.

If you’re looking for the right senior living communities for an aging couple in your life, contact us. We can help you make the right decision.

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