4 Ways Families Can Help Senior Loved Ones With Hearing Loss

February 5th, 2019 by John Wilson

Hearing loss is one of the most common problems among the elderly. Sometimes this issue relates to a specific condition, while others suffer from hearing loss due to normal symptoms of simply getting older. Regardless of the cause of hearing loss for those in senior care in OKC, it can be frustrating, not only for the senior, but also for their friends and family members. The good news is there are things you can do to help your senior loved one deal with their hearing loss, whether they still live at home or reside in Oklahoma assisted living.

Speak Clearly

It’s easy to fall into a lazier way of speaking, simply out of habit and because it’s easier. While most people can typically understand what is said regardless, those who are suffering from hearing loss may struggle more to gain a grasp of what you’re saying. When talking to those who may be living in senior communities in Oklahoma, it’s important to take your time to speak clearly so they can understand what you’re saying with less trouble. Even though this may require more work on your part, it will give them peace of mind and reduce the amount of frustration they may feel if they have to keep asking you to repeat yourself.

Reduce Background Noise

While not possible in all situations, it can be beneficial to reduce the amount of background noise as much as possible when conversing with those who have hearing loss. For instance, if a radio or television is playing, either turn it down or turn it off completely so the room is quiet and your loved one can focus on what you’re saying. However, if you’re in a restaurant, Oklahoma assisted living or another more crowded location, try to find a quiet spot. If you can’t move to another location, sit in close proximity to your senior loved one and make sure they can clearly see you to aid in their understanding of what you’re saying.

Follow these tips to communicate with those in senior communities.

Senior communities strive to help residents hear better.

Encourage Hearing Devices

Some elderly individuals cringe when they think of needing hearing aids. They may not be ready to admit they need help or they may see it as a sign of weakness. Regardless of their reasoning, it’s critical to encourage your loved one to seek help and wear a hearing assistive device if it’s prescribed to them. Let them know how much nicer it will be when they can easily hear and understand those around them and how much they can reduce their frustration as a result. Once they give it a try, they are more likely to continue using them.

Be Patient and Understanding

It’s easy to become frustrated with your aging loved one when you have to keep repeating yourself or they aren’t understanding what you’re saying. However, when you show your frustrations, they are more likely to feel upset and may withdraw, avoiding communication as much as possible. This can lead to a number of other problems. Instead, exercise patience and understanding. Ask them how you can help them better understand and take the appropriate steps to make communication as easy as possible. Your senior loved one will appreciate it and may be more willing to try harder as well.

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