4 Tips for Finding the Right Senior Living Community for Your Loved One

March 24th, 2016 by John Wilson

It’s not surprising some families feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices in assisted living communities in OKC. One of the fastest growing residential options for seniors, these communities are as unique and individual as the residents themselves. A well chosen assisted living community can help your aging loved one flourish and reclaim a level of activity and independence that may have been lost to reduced mobility, transportation problems and other factors that can inhibit seniors from being as social and active as they’d like to.

Consider Interests When Choosing Location

There are many fine assisted living communities in OKC. After all, Oklahoma City is a big city, the 27th largest in the nation. When looking at assisted living options, consider your loved one’s interests. If, for example, your aging parent enjoys art, theater and museums, a community located within easy access of downtown might be most enjoyable. For someone who enjoys open spaces and natural beauty, a community within close vicinity of one of the city’s gorgeous parks might be a good choice.

Seniors can enjoy fun activities at assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities should offer fun activities.

Social Activities and Ease of Getting Around

Part of the fun of living in an assisted living community is being able to enjoy social activities and to go do things. Choose an assisted living community with activities and events that are a good match for your loved one’s interests whenever possible. Find out about the transportation options available to residents and the costs involved.

Find the Right Balance Between Costs And Services

The cost of assisted living in OKC can vary greatly according to the level of care and the type of services available in a given community. To find the best assisted living fit for your senior loved one, start out with a discussion with your loved one’s health care provider to determine the level of care you should be looking for in an assisted living community.

As for services, talk to administrative personnel in the communities you are considering for specific information about the different services that are included at various price points. Find out how those services are delivered, as well as how rigid or flexible the scheduling of those services may be, such as meal prep, housekeeping and personal care assistance times.

Think About Future Care Needs

While present care needs are important when considering assisted living communities located in beautiful Oklahoma City, future care needs must also be considered. Some assisted living communities also offer a higher degree of care for those residents who need it, such as memory care, but not all do. Thinking about the sort of care your loved one may need in the future can help avoid having to move an aged parent from one community to another better able to provide essential care.

Finding an assisted living community able to provide the quality of life that will help your loved one flourish is important to overall health and well-being. Contact us for more information about finding the best assisted living fit for your loved one’s needs and preferences.

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