4 Tips for Filing Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

October 13th, 2016 by John Wilson

One of the most complicated things facing those who receive assisted living healthcare in Oklahoma City is filing out long term care insurance forms. Even though it can seem difficult at first, there are a few actions to take most of the struggle out of it. Here are a few tips to help with the process.

Tip 1 – Select a Family Representative

Before you get started filing a claim, consider a member of your family who can serve as a representative. Make sure they are organized and responsible. They should be someone who pays close attention to small details. They also need to be committed to spending the time necessary to deal with doctors and insurance company personnel. They may spend lengthy times on the phone. The representative has to be able to accurately keep track of all pertinent documentation and related correspondence.

Tip 2 – What Needs to Be Submitted with the Claim?

When submitting claims to your long term care insurance provider, it’s important to include all of the relevant evidence available to support your claim. It’s okay to go further than what the form includes or asks for when providing evidence. Make sure to include any statements from your doctor or other health care professionals stating the type of treatment you need. It is also important that communication between you and the insurance company is in writing as much as possible. When you talk to insurance company personnel by phone, be sure to get their name in case you need to follow up with them later. When If you use postal mail, use certified mail so it can be tracked.

Find out what is long term care insurance.

What is long term care insurance?

Tip 3 – Keep an Activity Log

Once the claim has been filed, document everything. You may find it useful to purchase a notebook or journal to keep notes. Having it all  in one place will make it easier to find when you need it. Record things like doctor visits, what treatment plans were carried out and a list of medications taken. Each time you see or communicate with a medical professional, make sure to write it down.

Tip 4 – Follow Up

While filling out the paperwork, make sure everything is completed. Fill out every question the best you can. One question left blank can tie it all up for a long time. Follow up on every process. If you send a fax, make a quick call to make sure it is received. Also write down who received it. If you request a document from a doctor, a long-term care facility or any other care giver, be sure to follow up on it.

What is long-term care insurance and how does it apply to your situation? Contact us to discuss how to learn how your policy can benefit you. We are committed to serving the senior citizens of Oklahoma.

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