4 Things to Consider Before Becoming a POA

April 30th, 2019 by John Wilson

It’s important for everyone to establish a Power of Attorney to ensure there will always be someone able to handle their affairs if they become incapacitated. This is especially true for seniors. However, this is a major responsibility that must be thought about seriously before accepting this title. Being a POA will give you a lot of power over someone’s affairs, and not just the decision on which assisted living options in OKC are right for them. The following are four things you must consider first.


In some situations, you will need to be present in a relatively short period of time if called upon to act upon your POA duties. If you live across the country or another considerable distance from your senior loved one or their assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma, holding their POA may not be the best choice. In the event you must make an immediate decision, it’s critical to be able to get there quickly.

Financial Responsibility

While you won’t be expected to use your own money for any of their matters, you may still find yourself in charge of the financial aspects of your loved one’s affairs. The cost of assisted living may be just one of those matters. It’s important for you to feel comfortable handling someone else’s finances if you intend to serve as their POA. There’s no telling what you may be expected to do, including keeping up with household bills, selling assets or even keeping track of their investments and making decisions regarding buying or selling them.

Assisted living options can be considered by a POA.

A POA can help determine the right assisted living options.

Medical Decisions

Another factor involved with taking on the responsibilities of a POA can include making medical decisions on behalf of the individual. It can be extremely stressful to have someone else’s well-being in your hands. This is why you need to think seriously about whether you are up to the challenge. If you feel you would be unable to make decisions that could be life-altering, it’s best to let your loved one choose someone else for this important position.

Family Conflict

You’ve likely already experienced family conflict at some point in your life. Siblings disagree, as do parents and children. It’s all in how the situation is handled. Being named POA, especially over a parent, can cause some animosity among siblings and other family members. While it can be beneficial to talk about any upcoming decisions with everyone involved, holding the POA title means it’s ultimately up to you. This means you may have to make an unpopular decision and deal with any arguments after the fact. You must be able to handle such complications.

Holding POA over a parent or other family member is an important responsibility. Before you say yes to this proposition, it’s critical to understand exactly what’s involved and think about whether you will be able to make the necessary decisions in the best interest of your loved one.

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