4 Signs Your Senior Parent Is Hiding Memory Loss

December 25th, 2018 by John Wilson

Even though some memory loss is normal among aging individuals, it can be an embarrassing problem your parents may feel like they need to hide. Whether your senior parents is afraid of a more serious brain condition or they are concerned about their need for assisted living services, they may feel it’s better to keep you from finding out they’re struggling. Unfortunately, there are signs that will show you they are having memory issues so you can get them the assistance they need.


To prevent others from seeing the signs of memory loss, your senior parent may begin to withdraw from you, as well as other people around them. They are more likely to spend time alone and avoid reaching out to others. If your loved one is suddenly spending less time with others, especially if they previously did so on a regular basis, it may be time to have a talk with them about why. It could be a sign they are experiencing some of the normal signs of age-related memory loss or it could mean something more serious. However, it’s essential for your parents to understand they have your support, regardless of the outcome.

Hiding Issues

Sometimes your loved one has recognized they are having trouble remembering things and don’t want anyone to find out. In these situations, they are more likely to do whatever it takes to hide the problems they’re going through. For instance, if you visit and begin helping with a particular chore, they may rush in to finish it for you so you don’t discover something they have forgotten to do or may have missed. Seniors who talk over their loved ones or friends may also be trying to hide oversights. While you don’t want to push too hard, it’s necessary to gently approach the topic and find out what you can do to help them remember what they need to do.

Memory loss is common for residents using assisted living services.

Assisted living services can help seniors deal with memory loss.


Those in assisted living communities in OKC who are struggling with memory issues may suddenly begin to deny anything you bring up relating to their memory loss. For instance, if you identify an issue and talk to them about it, they may deny your accusations, no matter how gentle you are about it. They may admit they forgot something, but play it off as a one-time occurrence. While this may be the case, it’s always best to see your loved one’s doctor and talk about the issue to make sure it’s a normal sign of age-related memory loss and not something more serious.

Avoiding the Things They Love

Everyone has their own interests and hobbies they love to do. If your aging loved one is going through memory issues, they may lose their zeal for doing the things they once loved. Although the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma offer plenty of options for seniors to stay active and get involved, those who are trying to hide their memory issues will be reluctant to attend to keep others from finding out about their problems.

If you’re looking for the right assisted living services to care for your aging loved one, contact us. Our facility can help those going through normal age-related memory loss to remember what they need.

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