3 Reasons You Should Write and Share Your Life Story

August 20th, 2019 by John Wilson

It’s not uncommon for individuals to feel as if their life is ordinary and not of particular interest to other people. However, each person has their own story to tell and there are plenty of individuals who would take an interest in hearing it. This isn’t the only reason those in senior independent living should think about writing down and sharing their life story with the world. Even if it’s just for your own sake or for that of your family, creating a written record of what you remember about your life can have a variety of benefits. Here’s why you should consider writing yours.

Sharpen Your Memory

While the biggest reason individuals choose to write out their life story is to make sure they are remembered by family members and future generations, those in senior living in OKC need to find ways to keep their memories sharp. As you write down events from your life, you force your brain to recall them. This recollection process helps keep your memory sharp and can help decrease your risk of memory decline, which is a normal part of aging. In addition to sharpening your memory, reliving your past can help you in a number of other ways, such as dealing with past problems or even remembering good times you don’t want to forget. Reading your story back can also help prevent you from forgetting events you want to remember.

Those in senior living have plenty of time to share their stories.

Senior living should be a great time to share your story with others.

A Revenue Stream

Whether you’re aging in place or reside in Oklahoma assisted living, it’s likely you’ll need to make some money at some point. Even if you have some type of retirement income coming in, it may not be enough to cover everything you want or need. While there’s no guarantee you can make money with your story, there’s a chance you can generate some form of income stream from it. With all of the advances in technology, you have a lot of options. No longer do you need to wait to see if a publisher will accept your story; today, you can self-publish on a variety of websites so you can sell your book and reap all of the benefits. In addition to publishing your story in book format, you can also build a blog or sell articles through a number of freelance sites.

Educate and Inform

One of the most important reasons to create a written record of your life is to educate and inform future generations. The world is constantly changing, but it’s important to remember the past to avoid repeating mistakes and to learn where you came from. When you share your story in a written format, you can educate future generations on what happened in the past with a more personal touch than reading a history book. You can also tell your family about where they came from and what kind of experiences their ancestors had.

We encourage those in senior independent living to share their stories with each other and with their families. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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