3 Reasons for Hiring a Patient Advocate & How to Find Them

July 9th, 2019 by John Wilson

While health issues are prominent within the aging population, it’s also not uncommon for many seniors to struggle to get the care they need. Whether it’s issues with their insurance or they’re simply dealing with a doctor who doesn’t seem to understand their concerns, it’s become difficult for these individuals to continue advocating for themselves to ensure they get the proper care. The good news is hiring patient advocates for seniors can help alleviate a lot of the stress and ensure your loved one is properly cared for in their later years.

Assistance with Doctors

Doctors spend many years in school, learning about all the complexities of the human body and the conditions that affect it. However, this often means they speak in terms that can be difficult for the average person to understand. Add in memory issues many seniors suffer from and it spells disaster for getting the right medical care. One of the senior care services in OKC offered by patient advocates is to sit with patients through their doctor’s appointments to help them understand what the doctor is saying and translate that into layman’s terms. They can ensure you are asking the right questions to remain informed so you can continue to get the level of medical care you need.

Ask senior care services about hiring a patient advocate.

Senor care services can recommend a patient advocate.

Understand Your Bills

Another complex aspect of getting proper medical care is understanding the bills. These bills are often coded in a way that can be difficult to understand. This becomes an even bigger problem if your insurance isn’t covering everything as expected. Many seniors receive these bills and either leave them unpaid because they can’t afford it or simply pay it, expecting everything to be correct.  However, errors can be made and sometimes the amount isn’t owed at all. This is another important reason to hire patient advocates for seniors in relation to senior care in Oklahoma City. They can help you understand your bills and work with the insurance company to ensure everything is covered as it should be.

Additional Information

Doctors are often busy, and usually end up seeing more patients than they truly have time for. While it’s good for them to help as many people as possible, it can leave many patients feeling like they leave an appointment with more questions than when they started. Patient advocates are often willing to do additional research on your aging loved one’s diagnosis so they can help answer any additional questions you may have and provide more information than what the doctor previously offered. This can help you ask for the right tests and ensures your senior loved one’s condition is being handled in the best possible manner.

Advocating for yourself can be difficult. When your loved one resides at the Village at Oakwood, you can rest assured they are in the right hands. Contact us to learn more about working with patient advocates for seniors.

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